Love will tear us apart and Boys don’t cry at the Impulse Festival in Rijeka, Croatia

In the spirit of its slogan – ‘the music is everywhere’- the second edition of the Impulse Festival intends to offer the interpretation of timeless music transposed to theatre. Love will tear us apart and Boys don’t cry, the first and only dance performances at the Festival will be presented on 21st April 2015. The two show premiered in 2011 at the Contemporary Dance Week as the de facto productions. Love will tear us apart is one of the most popular Croatian dance performances for which the dancer Petra Hrašćanec was awarded the Croatian Theatre Professionals Award in 2012 for the best female dance performance. The premiere of Boys don’t cry in Rijeka, which is the second part of the trilogy, explores the heritage of female singers-songwriters from the 1960s (Joan Baez, Marianne Faithfull, Judy Collins) and related issues of female identity on stage as well as hidden political messages implied by this kind of music and dance.
Performed by: Petra Hrašćanec / Marko Jastrevski
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