New international production of de facto Uni * Form at Theater Spektakel in Zurich

Simone Aughterlony and Jorge Leon: Uni * Form


A new international co-production of the Zagreb company de facto: Uni * Form premieres at the renowned Theater Spectacle in Zurich on August 20, 2015. Works by the choreographer and dancer Simone Aughterlony are characterized by terms such as discipline and authority. In “Uni * Form”, Simon teamed up with the movie director Jorge Leon, taking the theme of the police as a normative and controlling authority. Together with a group of outstanding performers, they subtly distort things: surrounded by the crowd and exposed to the audience, uniformed performers do their “police work”. A cunning and complex game focused on power and possession is developed between spectators and performers. Gradually, it is less and less clear who the good players and who the bad ones are in this theater play. This major European production is co-produced by 12 European co-production houses, among which is Zagreb’s de facto, with Saša Božić as the dramaturge.