“Der Bau” invited to swiss Tanzfestival Winterthur

der Bau

“Der Bau” by Isabelle Schad was invited to be part of a dance festival Tanzfestival Winterthur on 18th of November.
Tanzfestival Winterthur

On stage we are watching a metamorphosis of a huge monster occasionally protruding hands, legs, and heads, struggling with its giant fluidity. The material movement of the group of performers creates a spatial journey set somewhere between paradoxical landscapes, an abstract image, and the moving sculpture. For more than an hour we follow performers to the utter exhaustion, while they establish all possible relations with bags: from exploring their forms, revealing their softness, and listening to their sound, to more intensive attempts to revive the repeated energy waves of the creation and destruction of imaginary [1] landscapes. Isabelle: ” Styrofoam bags seemed interesting to me, as the amount of small Styrofoam balls can be correlated with the structure of the human body – we are made of trillions of cells, the smallest structures that we can imagine. In this performance, the Styrofoam bags function as an extra layer of the body – almost as an organ, but also as a transitional object (an additional layer between the body and the world).”