Opening of the exhibition IN EVERY PLACE THERE ARE PEOPLE in Lauba

First multimedia project coproduced by de facto is an exhibition called “In every place there are people” by artist Jelena Remetin. Opening ceremony starts on the 22nd March at 20:00 in Lauba.

Photography, video, sound design and screenplay discourse are various categories intertwined in this project. «There are People in any Place» is a interdisciplinary process putting accent on sound software or technology as the omnipresent dramaturgical tool.

The project invites the audience to take an acoustic, visual and interactive journey by the use of a smartphone application at the same time projecting a poetic and delicate story confronted with the banality of everyday life.

The main idea is to lead the audience through rooms in imaginary apartments of a fictional building. This is made possible thanks to 3D sound editing where the acoustic ambience blends with imaginary inhabitants’ voices telling their intimate stories or with fictional voices that lead the audience to the very venue and all that by the use of a smartphone application. The objective is to use the sound spectrum to bring an imaginary space to life where the ‘invisible people’ owing to their ‘acoustic intimacy’ obtain the contours of this, ‘our’ dimensions. The rooms have a very special character that results from photos/drawings and videos projected on the separating walls marking the spatial limits and decoration, which is identified with people inhabiting that space.

Four floors, four stories, four contemporary profiles in one European metropolis. Each apartment is a witness to past memories, the present time and its location. The following four stories are only the beginning of the sound construction of an European skyscraper with several floors, each representing one of its metropolises, that is the acoustic tower of Babel in the contemporary Europe.

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Project is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture, the City of Zagreb , Surrogate and de facto, in cooperation with the French Institute in Zagreb .